Cape Town Garage Doors

Galaxy (Single)

For security reasons as well as for esthetical reasons Cape Town Garage Doors are an absolute must.  You will find Cape Town Garage Doors at houses in most suburbs (from the most expensive to the middle class), some Cape Town Garage Doors might even be wooden doors

A professional garage door manufacturer with years of expertise can be found at Cape Town Garage Doors.  Not only will you find professional service at Cape Town Garage Doors but also receive advice on the best wooden doors for your needs at Cape Town Garage Doors.

Barn Special Front Door

Not only will your wooden doors be delivered but also installed at your house by Cape Town Garage Doors.  Motors can be added by Cape Town Garage Doors in order for you to control via remote.  When Cape Town Garage Doors leaves your premises the remote control will be in working perfect condition.   

We will  recommended the best wooden doors for you as we know the importance of security.  Being aware of crime in Cape Town, we will ensure the safety of your goods and will also look after your premises while installing.

Aluminium Inlay (Double)

Automative wooden doors are  part of the security and safety offered to you by Cape Town Garage Doors.  Late at night it can be dangerous to get in and out of your car or opening and shutting doors especially if you are alone.  Cape Town Garage Doors are aware of this and we are happy to assist you.

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Main Branch
Tel: 012 817 2065
Fax: 086 693 3909
Cell: 082 788 9197 (Werner)

Western Cape

Cell: 082 296 0988
Fax: 086 693 3909

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